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Peter F. JensenA Protestant, Reformed, Evangelical Christian

by Peter Jensen

Three talks from the Archbishop of Sydney which inform, encourage, and challenge Christians to think more carefully about their identity in a confused and confusing world.

When lines must be drawn, it is best to be a Protestant Reformed Evangelical Christian.

The Bishops' MoveWhat's wrong with women bishops?

By Gerald Bray

Professor Gerald Bray outlines the case for and against allowing women into the episcopate, with all his usual humour and historical insight. A very relevant issue in the C of E with implications for others.

John Owen (1616-1683)From Life's First Cry...

by Lee Gatiss

What did the great puritan theologian John Owen teach about infant baptism and infant salvation? Are his arguments scriptural and relevant for today? How shall we think of children from life's first cry?

Calvin's Sermon on Ephesians 5 (mp3)

Calvin's sermon on Ephesians 5:28-30 has application to marriage and social action as well as reflections on union with Christ and the role of the Spirit.

Reformed Theology in the C of E

by Lee Gatiss

A look at the Reformed foundations of the Church of England, from the 16th century Reformation to the 18th century Revivals.

The Embers of Preaching

by Peter Sanlon

Peter Sanlon provocatively argues that the great evangelical successes of recent years have actually weakened our preaching.