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Calvin & the Preaching of the Word


by Peter Adam

Peter Adam listens carefully to Calvin's preaching to appreciate the genius and complexity of what he was trying to accomplish in the pulpit. As always, Peter is simultaneously witty, profound, and challenging as he opens up this aspect of the Reformer's ministry.

This talk was originally given at Trinity Theological College in Perth, Australia in June 2009. Our thanks to Trinity and to Peter for allowing us to publish this excellent talk here.

Click here to download the talk in mp3 format

The file is about 7MB and lasts about 55 minutes.

Peter AdamAbout the Speaker

Dr. Peter Adam is the Principal of Ridley College, Melbourne (Australia). Peter's more developed thoughts on this subject can be found in two Churchman articles published later in 2009 on ‘Calvin’s preaching and homiletic: nine engagements’ and ‘Preaching of a lively kind: Calvin’s engaged expository preaching’, in a book called Engaging with Calvin (ed. M Thompson) published in September 2009.