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The BibleLessons for the Church

From yesterday, today, and tomorrow

by Mark Dever

Drawing on his expertise in the fields of ecclesiastical and historical theology, Mark Dever looks at what the church needs to learn from the past (especially the puritans), the present, and the future. A set of four talks originally given at the excellent Theology For All Annual Day Conference in London, England (September 2007).

Click on the links below to listen to the talks now, or right-click and "Save Target As" to save on your computer for listening later...

• Bible Reading
A devotional Bible reading on 1 Timothy 1:12-17

• Lessons from the Past
What lessons can today’s Church learn from the past, particularly the Puritans?

• Lessons for the Present
How can we build biblically faithful churches today?
(with a short introduction to Theology for All by Dr. Paul Woodbridge)

• Looking to the Future
Given the new issues now facing Christians in the West which may put pressure on Churches not to stand against the tide – how can good theology help us?

Each file is about 15MB and lasts about 50 minutes (the Bible Reading is shorter) .

Mark DeverAbout the Author

Dr. Mark Dever is Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC, and has a doctorate from Cambridge (UK) on puritan theology.

We are very grateful to Adam Sparks of Theology for All and Rene Hamburger (audio genius) for their help with presenting these talks.