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The BibleIntroduction to Malachi

with Lee Gatiss

The Editor of Theologian provides an overview and introduction to the book of the prophet Malachi, looking at the structure, main themes, core issue, and theology of the book, and its use for Christians today.

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Introduction to Malachi (mp3)

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An Introduction to Malachi

Historical Background



Disappointment (Ezra 3:10-13; Haggai 2:3; Zechariah 4:8-10)


Who is Malachi?

Theological Themes


                        Who is God?

                        What’s the problem?




The Central Issue

The continuity of the covenant

              Does God still care?  Should we? Is God still with us?  Is the Bible still relevant to us?


Malachi uses Scripture to:

Declare God’s love

Expose our sin

Explain our hope

Direct our response


Malachi and the New Testament


Lee GatissAbout the Author

Lee Gatiss is Editor of Theologian. He spent 2000/1 researching intertextuality in the book of Malachi at Oak Hill Theological College.

Many thanks to Audio Editor, James Taylor, for cleaning up the quality of the recording.