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Da Vinci and the Documents - can we trust the Bible? by Dr. David Wenham (mp3)

Church History

Da Vinci's Last SupperA Christian Response to the Da Vinci Code

by Dr. Garry Williams

This is the first of a number of new pages on The Theologian featuring top quality audio resources in mp3 format. It is our hope that these will provide stimulating theological food for those on the go with an iPod or mp3 player, or those who like to sit in front of their computer and listen. This talk by Dr. Garry Williams of Oak Hill Theological College was recorded on 25 May 2005 at the Lindfield Churches Together "Alive 05" mission.

Watch this space for more audio treats in the coming months...

Dr. Garry Williams on responding to The Da Vinci Code

This is an mp3 file of 12.6MB, lasting 73 minutes.

Either click on the link above to listen now, or right-click and choose "save target as" to download the file to your computer to listen to at your leisure.

Garry Williams's book on The Da Vinci Code

You may also like to know that Garry has written an excellent short book called The Da Vinci Code from Dan Brown's Fiction to Mary Magdalene's Faith. Garry sets out to answer key historical claims made by Dan Brown's novel, but also supplements this with a challenge to consider Mary Magdalene's real message to us. Throw in some excellent pithy material on the reliability of the Gospels and this is a brilliant book to give away to friends who have been enthralled by The Da Vinci Code. It is only £1.99 and available from Wesley Owen Books.

Lee GatissAbout the Author

Garry Williams MA MSt DPhil PGCE is tutor in Church History at Oak Hill Theological College. He is also on the Editorial Board of The Theologian.