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Inseparable Operation

The trinity working together

by Michael J. Ovey

In a masterful talk given to returning graduates at Oak Hill Theological College in 2002, Mike Ovey expounds the Augustinian doctrine of the inseparable operation of the members of the trinity. Surveying other patristic writers as well as more recent thinkers such as Karl Rahner, Ovey then moves to an exposition of key passages in John's Gospel which highlight the inseparable operation of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

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"Inseparable Operation by Mike Ovey"

This talk is 75 minutes long, including question time at the end, and is about 8.8 MB.

Gary WilliamsAbout the Author

Revd. Dr. Michael J. Ovey has a PhD in trinitarian theology, is Principal-elect of Oak Hill Theological College in London, and on the Editorial Board of The Theologian.