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A Pint of good English BeerDown the Pub

with Dr Lane Tipton

A conversation over a pint outside a London pub on a sunny spring day with Dr. Lane Tipton of Westminster Theological Seminary. Covering the relationship between the Bible and systematic theology, union with Christ in the New Testament and Calvin, justification and the New Perspective on Paul, and how to engage in theological disputes with godliness and humility. Highly informative, edifying, and easy to listen to.

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Down the Pub with Lane Tipton

The file is about 15 MB, and the conversation lasts 44 minutes.

Lane TiptonAbout the Author

Dr. Lane G. Tipton is (allegedly) of Apache Indian stock, and does great impersonations of John Travolta and Christopher Walken. He is also Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, USA.