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The BibleWhy Bother with Systematic Theology?

by Dr. Mike Ovey

‘There is a curious want of system, Betteredge, in the English mind… When we are not occupied in making machinery, we are (mentally speaking) the most slovenly people in the universe.’

So wrote Wilkie Collins in The Moonstone. Mike Ovey addresses the question of whether we should bother with systematic theology at all, and if so on what basis. He examines its biblical foundations and outlines a biblical method of engaging in the task of systematizing. This talk was originally from an Oak Hill College evening lecture course in June 2006. The handout is available by clicking here.

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Talk 1 "Why Bother with Systematic Theology? "

This talk is 11 MB and lasts 38 minutes. We apologise for some background noise.

Mike OveyAbout the Author

The Reverend Dr. Michael Ovey is the Principal of Oak Hill Theological College in London, and on the Editorial Board of The Theologian. He is the co-author of Pierced for Our Transgressions: Rediscovering the Glory of Penal Substitution.