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Jaffa Cakes - very nice with a cup of teaJaffa Cakes with Kent Hughes


with Lee Gatiss & R. Kent Hughes

A cup of tea and a chat with preacher, author, and disciplined godly man R. Kent Hughes. Covering all manner of subjects including expository preaching, large churches, and how to define success in ministry.

Also includes some quick-fire questions about penal substitution, limited atonement, homeschooling, and infant baptism!

Click here to download the interview in mp3 format

The file is about 10MB and lasts about 45 minutes.

R. Kent HughesAbout the Interviewee

Richard Kent Hughes former pastor of College Church in Wheaton, Illinois, currently works for the Simeon Trust encouraging expository preaching and is the author of many books including Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome.

Many thanks to James Taylor (esteemed Audio Editor) for the top quality recording and editing of this interview.