We have now moved to Cambridge where Lee will be doing research for a PhD in Divinity, studying John Owen's magisterial commentary on the book of Hebrews, and Kerry will be unpacking boxes for several months! To find out more and to support us in prayer (or financially) contact Anne Custance at the6.19project@googlemail.com.

My book Christianity & The Tolerance of Liberalism: J. Gresham Machen and the Presbyterian Controversy of 1922-1937 is out. It's quite topical, I think, considering all the shenanigans in the Church of England at the moment, despite the immensely long subtitle.

Also out is From Life's First Cry: John Owen on Infant Baptism and Infant Salvation which seems appropriate given the recent arrival of Lucy Katherine.

The kids adore the songs on these CDs which we got our hands on recently (thanks Dirksens!):

songsforsaplings fallsalvation christwork

Cara insists we have to play "How can I glorify God?" on volume 1 at least three times before we are allowed to move on to the next track. It's all good stuff - doctrine based on the Westminster Catechism but made simple for kids and with Bible verses backing up the doctrines as part of the songs. So, for instance, a song we now all know well goes like this:

How can you glorify God?
I can glorify God
by loving him,
and doing what he commands. [repeat]

He has showed you (Micah 6)
O, man (verse 8)
What is good and what the Lord requires of you.
To act justly
And to love mercy
And to walk humbly with your God. [back to "How can you glorify God?"]

Click here to hear the sample from the Songs for Saplings website.

All sung with very cute kids voices and a catchy little tune. With several different genres of music, easy to learn music and lyrics, these have quickly become a regular part of Gatiss family life. Even better (though, it is almost heresy to say this...) than Colin Buchanan! Check out www.songsforsaplings.com. Highly recommended!