The Theologian: A theology journal edited by Lee
St. Helen's, Bishopsgate: Our old church.


Church Society: For Bible, Church, and Nation. Lee is on the Editorial Board of Churchman, their international journal of theology, and we support the efforts of Church Society generally in its wider work within the Church of England.
The Latimer Trust, which publishes all sorts of good theological material and provides a biblical and considered response to important issues in the Church today. Lee is on the Latimer Trust Theological Workgroup.
Where Lee and Kerry trained for 4 years.
The Proclamation Trust, which runs excellent Bible teaching conferences and the Cornhill Training Course, where Lee and Kerry both studied at different times, and where Lee now occasionally teaches too (lecturing on Malachi, and supervising preaching classes for pastors, evangelists, and youth workers).
Reform: Our overall aim is to win the nation for Christ. A "political" organisation within the Church of England.
Nine Thirty-Eight, named after Matthew 9:38 a verse which talks about providing more labourers for the harvest field, i.e. more people to spread the good news of Jesus. We support 9:38 in their efforts to get more evangelical men and women to consider full time Christian ministry.
Tyndale House, in Cambridge provides a world class biblical studies library and a place for evangelical scholars to meet and study. Lee has been there several times and was on the Tyndale Fellowship Associates Committee until recently.
The Fellowship of Word and Spirit, a theological network we're a part of, for people committed to the Reformed faith. Lee spoke at their conference in 2009.